Generic, well-dressed, slightly meathead-ish dude who only cares or knows about bars, chicks, and looking good. Gel, vertical striped shirts, designer jeans, and sleek black shoes are a must. In middle school, chotches wore "No Fear" and "Coed Naked" T-shirts; in high school, white baseball caps and all Abercrombie; in college, visors, wife beaters, and cargo shorts.

Chotches are 'huge' football fans, but end up checking their cell phones more than paying attention to games on TV.
And a true chotch almost certainly received "Scarface" on DVD this last Christmas.
I saw at least seventeen chotches last night at Lucky Bar.

Drop the vertical striped shirt right now, dude, or I'm going to start mistaking you for that chotch on the Real World.
by MK January 12, 2004
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A guy that tries too hard - usually with the ladies. Overdressed, overdone and in general "too much". A cheesy guy who tries to strut his stuff with the females - hitting on them when they clearly have no interest.

The term comes from the show Happy Days, where the character "Chachi" exemplified such behavior.
Eww, that guy staring at me is a total chotch!
by texaschick April 8, 2004
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derived from Chachi of Happy Days.
A male who tries too hard;wannabe;poser

Is usually a frat boy
"I went out with this total chotch last night. He wore his visor upside down and backwards and kept talking about putting a supercharger on his pink 85 Ford Escort."
by Breezy April 13, 2004
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noun: ball sack, often used to insult people, similar to an asshole
Robert Glass is such a chotch for making us go to school in this awful weather.
My chotch hurts.
Why does Robert have to be such a chotch?
by Robert Glass January 29, 2014
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extremely derogatory description of any object, mostly expressing dislike and discust with the subject in question.
"Hey look at that guy over there with those chotchy white sunglasses...what a chotch!
by Williamzmann August 10, 2017
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I saw at least 17 chotch's at the lucky bar last night
by Chotchalicious June 3, 2010
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A.)An object or person who is acting like a jerk or douchebag.

B.)People who do not cooperate
Sorry guys, the server is being a total chotch

Dude, Michael is such a chotch
by JoeMcJoetown May 26, 2009
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