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The name you give the fetus when you get your math teacher pregnant and give her an abortion with a protractor
"Mrs Mays: have you got it?"
"Jimmy: yeah, I've got it but I'm keeping it and calling it Matheson"
"Mrs Mays: your really fucked in the head"
by the alpha ogre-lord September 24, 2014
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Colloquial slang for fuck boy, smooth operator, bulk ability to pull bitches, basically ladykiller
When approaching a female species act as though you're a Math-e-son , however beware you may need to bring a shanwow because bittys be drippin' afterwards. Look out for tidal waves
by pryan2163 March 27, 2015
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someone who wants 3d chalk for their birthday so they can draw dinosours...they are turning 16.
jace: what do you want for your birthday?
lucy: I want a matheson.
by ladela October 24, 2009
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