one guy ruining another guy's chance to score some booty
That fucking punk-bitch took my seat at the bar and eventually took home the girl i was talking to. He was totally cockblocking me.
by WillyStyle October 24, 2007
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Adding a retarded programme on a friend's computer so he sees flying dicks on his screen and his computer is fucking blocked. yeah.. really.
Yuks is a cockblocking legend.
by The Flying Dick November 3, 2009
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The act of publicly inviting someone (typically via social media) to suck your dick and then blocking them, presumably before getting your dick sucked.
Maj Toure is cockblocking up a storm on Twitter today.
by thesilverduke January 4, 2021
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adj. n. A person, ussually a female that her freind brings along on a first date in order to prevent you from having intercourse with her.
If that her FREIND wasnt such a cockblock i would have banged that girl!

I hate that girl's bestfreind, she's such a cockblocker.
by chris September 5, 2003
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A male who unwittingly(out of ignorance) or purposefully(out of jealousy) prevents another male from engaging in debauchery with members of the female sex. Females can also cockblock, but the true essence of the word lies in the metaphor of the penis used figuratively as an impediment which thwarts any possible chances of scoring with members of the opposite sex.
friend # 1 interrupting friend # 2, who is conversing with a female at a local bar.

"Hey i don't mean to interrupt, but did you ever get the results of those STD tests that you took?

"Hey, does your Wife know where you are tonight?"

" Does your probation officer know you are here tonight?"

'What we talked about before, your experiences with Thai She Males... it's totally between us. carry on!"

"Friend # 2-- Boy, you really are a cockblocker, aren't you?
by Lex Taliones January 17, 2010
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A person who has nobody to love so they decide to take it out on you try and interfere with your relationship and stop the flow of love and emotions. They also prevent you from getting some....
Girl One: Baby, I love you

Boy One: I love you more
Cockblocker : *thinks to himself* I ain't get no pussy so I'll be a dickhead and stop these two....
*says aloud* who's hungry?
by Erectile Function October 29, 2014
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someone who prevents someone from getting sex.
by Joey March 20, 2003
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