OTL. Ready to get fucked up and party with Big Ed.
Big Ed is ALL on the lawn.
by Big Ed OTL August 12, 2015
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A variation of the word jawn for those who’s name starts with the letter L. Only permitted for residences of the greater Philadelphia area or Delaware valley region.
Ben: Yo Lawn, you left your chin hair tweezers in my pecan smoked tilapia again.

Lauren: Sorry, I just saw a podcast about another irrelevant court case and forgot that I left my kids at Wawa.
by Bennehftw November 19, 2022
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A grassy place in front of my house that you should stay the fuck off of.
I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.
by TenInchPlaya October 15, 2006
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Verb. The act of disposing of burnt cooking waste by means of throwing it on the front lawn.
Bro, please tell me you are going to pour that burnt chicken marinade down the sink?

Nah uce, i'm lawning that good good
by Jimmy Mingo June 15, 2018
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“LAWNNNN!!!” I yelled.
“What is lawn?” my math teacher asked.
“It’s a ship with you and the other math teacher Mr. Croughn.”
by mysocialstudiesteachergotdrip November 12, 2021
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Lawned- The act of getting shit on or just demolished in something you are trying to achieve of accomplish. Also to go along with it you can be what we like to call Front Lawned, which is the ultimate act of being lawned.
Today I was playing call of duty and I got Lawned with a knife to the back.
by Front Lawned Mark January 20, 2010
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