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What the Odd1sout should have called himself instead of bisexual for pets
I’m bisexual for animals! Wait... (should have called yourself bipetual you fool)
by Eating_a_hoodie May 11, 2021
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=) is a part of the backrooms lore and means someone is already/ transforming into a Partygoer and means you probably shouldn’t trust almost everything you just read
If you see confetti coming out of a window on level 188 that’s us having a party! =)
by Eating_a_hoodie April 20, 2021
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Apparently if you make a banana milkshake with salt instead of sugar it tastes like jizz
I don’t fucking know just make a banana milkshake with salt instead of sugar because your a coward and don’t want to drink your own nutmilk like a chad
by Eating_a_hoodie April 29, 2021
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The gungeon is a place in the hit games “Enter the Gungeon” and “Exit the Gungeon”. The former is a game where gungeoneers attempt to make theirway through the gungeon and find the treasure know as the gun that can kill the past. Then in exit, time is breaking due to said gun being fired too many times and turning the gungeon into a paradox that must be escaped
by Eating_a_hoodie April 10, 2021
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It’s like a dungeoneer, but instead of normal dungeons it’s the gungeon and NOT the gay kind and also they have a really shitty past that they want to change
The four misfit gungeoneers made their way into the gungeon to attempt to change their past
by Eating_a_hoodie April 10, 2021
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Abbreviation of “sorry honey it’s Thursday” used for a dumb joke
Wife: TGIF!
Husband: SHIT
Wife: wdym TGIF!
Husband: SHIT
Wife: why do you keep saying that?
Husband: you know, SHIT, sorry honey it’s Thursday
by Eating_a_hoodie May 16, 2021
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