a term used when overly exasperated about a certin situation. Another term used to sustitute "im freaking out"
Dude i almost shit my pants when Ryan Zimmerman was talking about his dragon drawing to me, what a fuckin crackasuckamuthafucka.
by Cracka ho November 9, 2006
to be extremely surprised or fretfully concerned about something to the point where you may actually shit yourself
When Kel walked through the door, I almost shit my pants. She was the last person I expected to show up.

It's been a week since I've heard from them since they went to New Orleans, and since there's been a hurricane, now I'm shitting my pants.
by babycakest February 18, 2010
They saying you say when you just shit your pants. The term can also be used as, "I just shit my pants".
Jerry: Hey Thom!
Thom: I shit my pants.
by Idon'tknowanymore July 3, 2020
1. something really amazing or unbeleivable happened.
2. you meant to fart, but you got more than you bargained for
ex.1 "I just shit my pants when I made that half-court shot."

ex.2 "Oh noes, I think I just shit my pants."
by noh0pe4me May 12, 2004
An event that is between a wet fart and full blown shitting yourself. Poo was contained between your buttocks and you were able to make it to a restroom to finish and cleanup.
I half shit my pants today, but I was able to make it to the bathroom.
by Bbo1234 November 3, 2022
An expression used to signify the upmost disregard to ones appearance, respectability and the general outward impression given in social gatherings. A lack of desire to impress. Also can refer to a lack of sobriety.
YOU: Hey, check out Fergie flossin' over by the bar. She is so glamorous!

ME: Fuck that bitch, I'm just here to shit my pants.
by ewol May 15, 2007