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A super square. A major douche bag. A male typically ranging between the ages of 17-28 who thinks he has swag, but really has no swag. Sometimes a chad will will be wearing any type of Jersey Shore Paraphernalia and might be seen with a stupid hair-style.

The words origin's trace to Murrieta, CA in early 2011 where a group of obnoxious 21 year olds went to Vegas for the weekend and made a profound realization that anybody with the name Chad usually is a square. They spent the entire weekend drunk on the Las Vegas strip calling every guy that walked by a chad.

See also markass chad or markass trick.
That guy with the thizz looking face asked everyone to pitch in for beer. Its not even his house and we brought our own beer. Plus everyone knows the guy is a joke. What a chad!
by lemmegetsomeadat May 02, 2011
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when you do something retarded, useless, pointless, full of lies but your homie's still love pulled a chad...haha

Also, when you feel so down on life that you do everything in your power to make EVERYONE you know feel sorry for you.

"yo can you get me a quarter nug?" "sure" (5 gram bag later) "damn that nigga pulled a chad"

"Man, life is so gay. My girl cheated. My grill is fucked." "Dude, stop being such a chad!"
by by Jessica & Dustin March 07, 2009
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