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A super square. A major douche bag. A male typically ranging between the ages of 17-28 who thinks he has swag, but really has no swag. Sometimes a chad will will be wearing any type of Jersey Shore Paraphernalia and might be seen with a stupid hair-style.

The words origin's trace to Murrieta, CA in early 2011 where a group of obnoxious 21 year olds went to Vegas for the weekend and made a profound realization that anybody with the name Chad usually is a square. They spent the entire weekend drunk on the Las Vegas strip calling every guy that walked by a chad.

See also markass chad or markass trick.
That guy with the thizz looking face asked everyone to pitch in for beer. Its not even his house and we brought our own beer. Plus everyone knows the guy is a joke. What a chad!
by anonymous799 May 02, 2011
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Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
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When referring to somebody as a chad, they are likely a white-male with an abnormally large ego, commonly in their teens or early twenties. No such thing as an ethnic chad or a female chad. Chad’s tend to refer to their peers as Bro’s or dudes. Chad’s are usually into fitness in order to get laid by their Bro’s. You don’t want to be a Chad.. The chad will notice you long before you notice them.
“Hey bro’s wanna crack open a case of Rona’s?”
“This guy is such a chad..”
by bellyaching October 17, 2019
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a chad (derogatory): adjective aka fuck boy, is a conventionally attractive white american male with flirtatious characteristics and holds little to no regard to his multiple sexual partners. a chad is most commonly associated with college frats and is usually a borderline alcoholic satryomaniac.
Dylan is such a Chad, don’t even bother trying to date him, he’ll break your heart
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by baleshde August 03, 2021
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Quite possibly the sweetest, most caring, genuine, funny, humbled, dedicated, mature, and driven person I’ve ever been lucky enough to know. “Chad’s” get A LOT of hate but I’ve come to find one that has broken the stereotype. Yes he’s in his mid 20s, yes he played lacrosse, yes his favorite drink is Jameson and coke.. BUT he also provides me with hope for future “chads” for generations to come. I have never met any man who provides me with so much trust, loyalty, companionship, and the purest form of love than this one. Imma marry this motherf*cker
Could it be? A new and improved Chad?

Ah yes... A Chad. A CHAD!
by lilgriz April 13, 2020
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Who's achad?
by gaynon November 10, 2019
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