Not like the unattainable; These are the weird, greasy, freaks that are into you when you want someone clean and sexy.

YOU: Here we go, another one from the group of insteads. Why me.
by yursh22 May 20, 2020
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Gabby is equivalent to a whole. Fuck you rick ask her instead of me since you think she's hotter. die.
_ is a bitch and likes someone named Gabby who is a nasty whore.

Ask Gabby instead she's a dumbass.
by katiedatrealbitch January 21, 2022
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.........Who could it have been???
Hym "Hey, anybody else remember "Da" instead of "the" guy? He was on here for a while and he always replaced the word "the" with "da" and would write every night (almost as much as me). Remember that guy? He was one of the few guys who was always active. Him and the Cajun guy were the most notable. I wonder who "Da" instead of "the" guy could have been 🤔 Dr. Jeepjorp Peepeestones? Huh? Want to weight in? Who do YOU think "Da" instead of "the" guy was? Hohohohoho! Wouldn't that be a plot twist, huh? If it was Dr. Jeepjorp. I doubt anyone but me remembers. Not a lot of OGs on around that time... Vote section is closed to me now so I wouldn't even know if they are still active. I think I remember a pretty hardcore red pill guy as well.... Nobody making any movies or anime series about them, are they? "Da" instead of "the" guy.... Hmm... Wonder if he knows who he was dealing with yet... I wonder who he was... I wonder how he's doing... Good? Bad? Probably a little of both..."
by Hym Iam August 4, 2022
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one day, your slave calls you a weeaboo instead of a koreaboo. youre angry because he doesnt know the difference. you unleash big chungus on him and big chungus eats the universe. the end.
"dont you just hate it when someone calls you a weeaboo instead of a koreaboo?" i say.
by big boi gay January 31, 2019
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