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Means beautiful in french. an amazing girl. is shy but when you get to meet her she's fun. gets stuff done when need to and haves fun with her friends. Has brown eyes and brown long hair.
Person 1:Mabel has beautiful hair

Person 2: I wish i could have her hair.
by linds5678 September 28, 2018
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Means beautiful in french, therefore most are beautiful, great in bed and would make a pornstar look ridiculous, usually got a great physique and a gorgeous face. Sometimes called a slut for being pretty. Even though people think of Mabel as a slut, Mabel never has more than one boyfriend at a go. Alot of boys want to be with Mabel, but she goes for the boy who she likes.
- Im going to get with Mabel this month.
- Shes too hot for you!
by Best Person March 16, 2008
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Very lovable and beautiful! Fun to be around. Guys find her very attractive! It's like they're hypnotized by her. When they fall for her they fall deeply and truly in love with her. She's an addiction but a good addiction. Her kisses are intoxicating! Probably the best catch!

She can be a bit of a boss but remember, behind every great man is a great woman. Selfish at times but also has a heart of Gold. Once a Mabel finds her true calling & rises higher, there is nothing that can bring her down. But she remains humble and doesn't hesitate to help others up.

A lover of music, dancing, arts, literature, & all of the finer things in life. She deserves to be showered in champagne, flower petals, or better yet money and diamonds.

Mabel can be reserved at times. She also likes the simpler things in life like a nice, quiet walk in the park or on a beach, or a movie night wrapped in her man's arms.

She never disappoints in bed. The most amazing lover ever!
Make sure you don't let this one go or you'll really regret it.
guy 1: Yo man, I'm in love with a goddess!

guy 2: That's boss man. It's gotta be a Mabel!
by TruthBeTold100 July 04, 2014
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A sweet and gorgeous woman who can get fierce and dominating at times. She's caring towards everyone that crosses her path, and rarely has enemies.Understands but detests sarcasm. Carries a big broad smile on her face. Usually holds a more pragmatic than emotional/instinct-based view of life.
I wish Mabel would like me as much as I like her.
by Mike Bison May 03, 2014
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Mabel is a sweet red head with beautiful eyes and a big butt. She is loving towards those she trusts. Mabel is smart and funny and is almost always right. And you would be lucky to have her
Mabel is soooooooooo beautiful

by Isaiahhhh April 14, 2018
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n; synonym for satan.

other synonyms include: Beelzebub, Old Scratch, Lucifer, The Devil, Evil Incarnate, Thief of Souls.
Mabel's coming! Everybody Hide!

Mabel came down to Georgia and she was lookin' for a soul to steal.
by rosemaryrain May 02, 2009
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A woman typically of jewish decent who is extremely bossy and controlling and has a tendency to be a pain in the ass. She's very high maintenence and has to act like she's all that and to assert herself as being the one in control. She's basically got that "Queen Bee" mentality to where it's all about her and if she doesnt get what she wants she makes all kinds of problems for those around her. She will often control the man she's with to the degree that over time he'll become a pushover to her which makes it easier for her to control him. Usually, high end jewish women behave in this manner as nagging and just all out annoying. Generally, Mabels act like bitches so they tend to be short tempered.
Cassie is always controling her man through being short tempered and people say "Cassie's a Mabel because she's always nagging and annoying her man"
by Queenbee7519 September 03, 2009
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