The act of ejaculating in a woman to get her pregnant.
My insemination on Jane last night was a success. She is definitely pregnant.
by NumericSpy18 December 4, 2017
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a.k.a. pete the meat fay. or any guy whose sperm is so strong it can permeate any known contraceptive device!!
you wore a rubber and she was on the pill and you still knocked her up!! you friggin inseminator
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 6, 2005
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Another word for penis (tallywhacker, dick, dong, prick, cock, ding-a-ling, etc.)
My Ipod reports the song, "Penis I See" by Gwar as, "Inseminator I Optically Image". How fucking queer!
by Telephony November 25, 2016
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Text insemination is the art of "inseminating" the phones of everyone in your cell phone contacts list with a generic text such as "Hey, what's up" or "How's it going?" for the purpose of simultaneously having as many texting conversations as possible with as many different people as possible.
Jesse wanted to communicate with all of his friends at once, so he decided to initiate text insemination.
by Solid Boomstick June 24, 2009
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Someone {usually a female} who thinks she has intimate knowledge of the Marine Corps or is a Marine because she has fucked one, is fucking one or married one.
person 1: So Ellie's profile shows she was in the Marine Corps from 1970 - 1990 and that she's a Master Sergeant.

person 2: Nah. That's her previous husbands military information and her new husbands rank. She just thinks she's a Marine by insemination.
by angel carter July 1, 2011
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An act in which a man will masturbate and ejaculate into his hand.
Armed with a full hand of semen, he will make a fist and forcefully thrust his fist into his female companion's vagina. Once inside, he opens the fist and releases his seed deep into her uterus.
John and Jessie couldn't concieve, so john tried the radical new method called artifistal insemination.... There was blood
by shame-us August 29, 2008
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One more step in the Feminist movement's plan to eliminate the male gender.
Women already say they don't need men to be happy, artificial insemination means they don't need them to procreate either.
by quickly becoming useless October 19, 2003
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