short/txt language for "i know"
dudess: im a dragon uno , a fire dragon2!!
dude: no shit ino, ur born in 76
by lozory May 19, 2008
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Character from the Naruto manga that really only likes Sasuke to piss off Sakura, or someone like her.
"she is such an Ino, going after (person)'s boyfriend!"
by Ichigo Pocky May 15, 2005
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A language made by the legend that is Ninga Badrino
Ninga Badrino! My fren
“Ayyyyyyino! How are youino! fren”
by Brmfryys October 19, 2020
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one of the few words that u can randomly blurt out, and no one will care. the meaning of this word i what ever u want it 2 be. some meanings are Hi, goodbye, yup yup yup, or a word whenever ur speechless. some other words include kle, umpk, georgetown, U.S.A., and talo
person 1: do u like these pinapples?
person 2: no, not really
1: oh, i see
by cassidy March 27, 2004
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1. Japanese word for Pig.

2. Character from Masashi Kishimoto's "Naruto" Who is constantly worrying about her outter apperance and like Sakura is after Sasuke Uchiha. She can preform "Mind Transfer Jutsu" Were she forces her soul out of her body to her victims coul and takes over. A helpful jutsu when it comes to spying. Her last name is Yamanaka, which roughly translates to "In the mountains" So her name means "Pig in the mountains"
1. That Ino was bathing in mud dude o.o

2. Seriously, wtf?
by xmeowbarkx February 25, 2008
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"eye-nuss". On a man, this is the area between the anus and the penis.
She sucked my penis, and ticklicked my balls and my inos. Thankfully, she stayed away from my anus.
by Peter Crammer May 28, 2006
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