(n.) friend, esp. a close one.

origin: corruption of "friend."

p1: could you spycheck the upper level?
p2: sure thing
p1: ty fren


Alice: I'm always here if you need me.
Bob: Glad to have you, fren.
by nxtfari October 6, 2014
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The more frenly version of "friend".

An alienfren: @alienfrens on twitter

They love their frenship and stay in the frenzone forever.
by frenship January 5, 2022
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A fren is someone that makes you go 'haha' and you wanna make them go 'haha' too.
'Let's meet in the evening if u got time. perhabs we can go to my place, watch funny movies and go >haha<.'
'Hell Yeah. I wanna go haha with u, my fren.'
by frengohaha February 11, 2021
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A true friend who you call a fren will always be your fren and stay by your side. If you call your friend that how ever. You may just trying to be cute idk. Every person should at least have 1 best friend, 2 frens, and about 5+ friends.
AY, stop! They r my fren.
omg ur such a good fren!
by ILegitCantChoose May 28, 2020
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You are already my fren :)
by Jonathan Realman December 16, 2020
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the word that formed after twenty one pilots became famous , its meaning when use is to not kill one self
by deus j hound March 19, 2017
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FREN = Fellow Right Ethno Nationalist. Slang term.
Hello fren!
by hentaiphd February 22, 2021
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