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A feminine counterpart to the masculine word dude.

"Dude" may perhaps have its origins from the word "duds" (always plural) as in "clothes" or "dress" as one (1883) definition of "dude" means "a man extremely fastidious in dress and manner".

Has been in use since, at least the late 1800s.

Proof of this can be found in it's usage in Mark Twain's book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" published in 1889 and also in an 1885 article in "Weekly New Mexican Review" where the words "dudes" and "dudesses" are used to describe actors in an operetta.
Young lady, you most certainly are a well-dressed dudess.
by Skarpo February 11, 2010
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1. A lady friend who feels you and is always fun to talk to without being necessarily having coitus with you.

2. A girl with whom boys easily share what’s in their minds and can always ask for advice and compassion.

3. Close friend from the female sex.
1.Teo is my dudess!

2. Hey dudess, tell me about the cake you made the other night!
by Orag December 13, 2010
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a word i came up with years ago it is a the female term for dude. dudess is to dude as goddess is to god.
that dudess is freaking hot
by da dude May 19, 2006
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The female version of dude, according to George W. Bush.
Dudess, that was AWESOME!

In a White House ceremony last night, President Bush said hello to the "dudes and dudesses" from the US Winter Olympic Team.
by Meach September 11, 2003
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A female; a girl
A stylish, confident and an elegant yet laid-back girl.
Dudess, haven't you read that book yet?
by DudessAna March 04, 2014
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whatever, i just came up with it a minute ago. Dudess is just a cool chick.
let's go, my dudess, it's late, we'll miss Santa.
by sweirdlovesk October 29, 2008
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. . . _I_ came up with it over NINE years ago..
in 1997, people in chat rooms and other internet gatherings were saying "dudes and dudettes".
I felt that "dudette" sounded short and abbreviated, while "dudess" was more associated with royalty and finesse.
I signed artwork that goes back a decade with MY name on it, my rhinestone-covered car had personalized license plates with MY name on it. I had the hotmail account way back when the passwords were four digits long. if anyone "came up with it", it was because I've been actively circulating it for so many years that it's superceded its predecessors and is bourne on the wind itself. my sister lived in washington, dc and ran for city council (or something), she can VERIFY all this.
a "dudess" isn't just a female "dude", isn't as celestial as a "goddess"..
it involves an ancient connection with the earth forces, like an atlantian princess or an egyptian priestess. she derives her intrinsic sense of being "cool" from her oneness with the universal forces that permeate all existance. she always has, and always will be the glue that keeps the cosmic magnetic web from breaking.
dudess is NEVER capitalized as that would be pretentious.
by dudess June 05, 2007
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