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phrase of excitment or joy instead of using the plain old yeah or yes use yup yup
"Ready to go to the park? Yup Yup!!"
by cabooseisdylan January 02, 2007
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intj. A very positive affirmation. Uber yes.
Person a: Oui ou non?
Person b: yupyup!
by alabaster December 14, 2004
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Term used by the inner folk of Dublin to express extreme excitement and pleasant towards something.

Usually, it's shouted in a very hearty and passionate manner.

Deco: C'mon and we go get a fuck off size bag of cans lads

The Lads: Yup Yup!

Example 2:

Yup Yup! Down through Bawnouge!
by Tobacco Man February 15, 2019
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it is an expression you say with a friend, while you slap one hand over the other twice while moving your hand over your head. This expression usually means yes.
Did you eat at Mcdonalds? Yup Yup!(clap clap)
by Crazyfunk November 18, 2007
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A yuppie or yupy who really thinks he or she is a true gangsta or "playa" when in fact they are the most pussy whipped bitches ever to walk the face of this earth.
A Yup Yup always attempts to look hard because they just got jumped back behind Club 2000.
by Dahn April 23, 2008
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