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Plastic devices containing bronchiodialaiting drugs (salbutamol sulphate being the most common) that relieve bronchospasm in asthmatic people. May also be prescribed to relieve chest pains for people with a Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease.

Also, there are inhalers that contain corticosteroids that can help prevent attacks amongst asthmatic people and are used to help stimulate the lung tissues of those with other chronic conditions or diseases such as emphesyma.
That girl was having another asthma attack and so she had to use her blue inhaler.
by Jonny3 September 07, 2006
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when a person seams attractive from behind but when they turn around are ugly causing a short sharp inhalation of air
thought this girl walking in front of me was hot but she turned around and was a inhaler
by paulissh1t November 02, 2010
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To inhale something. Drugs. To be precise and steroids.
Carla needs to have an inhaler, because has she been diagnosed bronchitis.
by BobbyTheThird November 13, 2017
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a plastic device containing cheap speed found up the noses of ravers everywhere and also used by dopers who remove the chemicals from the cotton inside for iv use.
All our tweakers buddies steal the benzedrex and vicks inhalers from wal-mart to cook the dope out of when they cant afford to get high on real drugs.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 19, 2005
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1. A bolw, bong, or any other pot pharaphenailia
2. A Crack Pipe
1. You got any inhalers i can use for this mary-jane???
2. Can i put those rocks in my inhaler???
by Twiztidly Insane December 14, 2006
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