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A severe episode of the respiratory disease asthma; generally consisting of coughing, wheezing, pressure in the chest, and shortness of breath. Often brought on by an asthmatic's trigger which can be irritants in the air(tobacco smoke,pollution, strong fumes), exercise, allergens (pollen, dander), cold air, etc. Those who have been diagnosed with the disease often have emergency medication in the form of an inhaler on hand to help hinder any sudden attacks. In severe cases, an asthma attack can result in the need for urgent hospitalization. These attacks should under no circumstances be taken lightly, as they can become life-threatening.
One of Bob's asthma triggers is vigorous exercise. Bob joins the basketball team. On the first day of practice, he was so excited that he forgot to take his inhaler beforehand. The coach had the team perform harsh running drills and Bob soon had an asthma attack.
by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack May 28, 2008
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when driving, if someone in the car is sleeping push the break pedal real hard and scream. the sleeping passenger will be gifted with a rude awakening
on our way to Florida, dude kept falling asleep on me so i gave him a asthma attack. he hasn't slept yet.
by ziggyd1139 June 06, 2010
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a wheezing turtle.

- a person with asthma who has a bad attack and can't catch their breath enough and they start to wheeze and get slow like a turtle. more of a metaphor "wheezing turtle". just saying how asthmatics are dissabled and slow in a way they don't breathe.

- asthmatic person.
Oh my god you guys she was running the mile and became a wheezing turtle when she had an asthma attack.
by unfaithful32195 March 23, 2010
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