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The absolute cornerstone upon which chivalry stands, Benjamin is a kindhearted, loving, and intrepid soul. Though strong, intelligent, and wise, Benjamin sometimes harbors secrets deep within, only to be entrusted by a small number of his closest companions. He can tend to be quiet and reserved in most situations; however, Benjamin's true colors are revealed when he feels comfortable around and pleased with his company. He easily captivates every girl that befriends him; only one has ever truly captured Benjamin's heart. A stunning smile and a shining soul, Benjamin is the ideal icon of a true gentleman in today's society.
At first glance, Benjamin seemed to be just another voiceless existence of the world, though this was proved compltely false by his bold and valiant actions.
by Bensashi August 08, 2012
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Benjamins are 100 dollar bills
the reason people call them Benjamins is because the face on the bill is of Benjamin Franklin who was a publisher, a philosopher, a scientist, and the first major American inventor.
We gots to get those Benjamins
by Therealest662 March 11, 2005
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Goes by "Ben" but his friends may have other goofy nicknames for him, such as "Benji" or "Benjammin'." He's quiet and doesn't say much at first, but if you're lucky he'll choose to surprise you in special ways, such as visiting you at school and bringing you chocolate. He's extremely carefree and little in life gets him down. He's not good at saying how he feels sometimes, but he'll display a fondness for cuddling and spend a lot of his money on you. He puts up with a lot of bullshit from his partners if he really loves them. He's a gentle, very quiet lover and can last a while. He loves history and soccer. He's very silly, and the special girl in his life will have fun planning a future with him. One could stare into his green-blue eyes forever.
Oh that Benjamin, adorable but I have no idea how he feels about me sometimes, I hope he loves me as much as I love him
by llamadog December 04, 2013
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Tall fit person who loves sports a lot. Never fails to make you laugh and knows how to have a good time. If you know a Benjamin you are one of the most luckiest people on earth. He would never intend to hurt you in any way. He is also absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way!
by youwishjellyfish001 January 02, 2012
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A strong silent type, yet once you get to know him, the goofy side comes out. He is full of grace, very handsome, and gives the best hugs! He is tender, gentle, an incredible love maker, enduring-the best to cuddle with. He is zealous in spirit and has a talent for building things. Eyes like the ocean,- you could get lost in them forever.
by yogaprincess February 06, 2010
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An exuberantly distinguished name to be bestowed on a man of tremendous stature. The recipient of such a name will squash his incompetently anointed peers with ease. This ease will be witnessed in all facets of the Benjamin's life. If Benjamin wants to become a scientist, he will become the first to go to mars. If Benjamin wants to become a football player, he will make Barry Sanders look like a small child. If Benjamin wants to become a writer, he will become the primary source of news, leisure, and the most accurate profit of horoscopes in the history of man. If Benjamin ever orders an escort, the woman will instead offer to pay him when she shows up. These are the fruits of the most singly acclaimed and illustriously renowned word in any of the 6500 spoken languages of the world. The ownership of this title is often debated with the AOS (Association of Steves, Steve), but the BBB (Bafflingly Bodacious Bens) have since disproved the obnoxiously misunderstood claims of the Steves.
Person 1:Hi.
Person 2: Hello. How are you?
Person 1: Good. I'm Benjamin, its very nice to meet you.
Person 2: (Legs spreading for insertion) Take me now.

"Ben, the president died, do you think you can take the reins for a little while?"

"I wish my name was Ben, but I was stuck with Steve. At least I'm not a Devon"
by Ain't NO Forgazi October 15, 2011
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The most wonderful an amazing person who ever lived the planet. He know absolutely everything in the world and anyone who knows him is lucky.
Benjamin is my brother, my teacher, and my best friend.
by Kiiwi February 24, 2009
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