An inference is the term given to a statement that may not be true, but was based on evidence collected.
The opposition lawyer inferred that the man had stolen the shoes as all evidence pointed towards this being the case.
by Katherine April 05, 2003
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The name given to a person who has recently emerged from the rear end of a savanna-dwelling animal; usually an Elephant.
"Shit dawg, check out those weird brown stains on the ground, there must be an inferous around here."
by Infeh July 18, 2008
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A word idiots use instead of using "imply".
Guy 1: Are you inferring that i'm fat?
Guy 2: Its IMPLY! say it properly fatty.
by Bessybossman June 22, 2010
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to make an inferance or to make a statement that may or may not be true but was based on evidence collected or observations
The scientist inferred that depriving certain plants of water resulted in increased root development.
by ValerieLou September 16, 2006
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