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A person not corrupted by a "tug-of-war" ideology seen in partisan voter life. Someone who understands propaganda and how it is used in politics. Thus, they are not suckered into a side due to incorrect facts; shown only to sway the people who are too lazy to look things up themselves.

While most partisan fools will say independents are too "scared to pick a side", in reality, partisan voters are the ones too "scared" to stand up for what they truly believe. Instead of standing up for their own beliefs, like an independent, partisan voters allow themselves to be fed bullshit facts over the radio/T.V. by self proclaimed experts Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Ed Shultz, who's only goal is to make everyone think in the exact same way.

Independents think for themselves and understand that parties will only tear the country in half over their idiotic squabbling as George Washington himself predicted.
1. "Actually, if you do some research for yourself, you will see that n either radio host knows what they are talking about."

2."Well, I don't agree with everything the Democrats say, and I don't agree with everything the Republicans say; so I am my own independently thinking person."

3."Stupid independent.. having his own ideas when he should believe exactly what i do."
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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Referring to the sport of wrestling in a hick way.
Sorry, i can't go hunting tonight.. i have wrastling practice..
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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Of or referring to a man's penis in a way that will not offend those who don't understand.
Girl 1 - "I hear Dan's got a huge floppy disk."
Girl 2 - "Really? I wanna see it."
Girl 1's Mom - "You kids still use floppy disks? That's so wonderful."
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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1. The music artist who creates songs that suck, only so that other bands can remake them into something good.

2. The reason we are all thankful for remakes/remixes.

3. The new phrase for "mentally-retarded".
1. John - "Looks like Soulja Boy came out with a new song."

Bob - "Don't worry, some band will remake it into something good soon."

2. Dillon - "If i had to listen to Soulja Boy one more time.. let's just be glad the other band decided to remake his idiotic noise into music we can actually stand to listen to."

Tracy - "True that, D."

3. Stacy - "Is your brother okay?"

Joe - "No.. unfortunately they told us he's a little Soulja Boy. It's okay though, we're sending him to a special school."

Stacy - "Thats good. You can't just let him run around and mess up the english language to an annoying beat! He might end up sounding more Soulja Boy than he already does!"
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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1. What people who like Chevy vehicles masturbate to.
2. What fast cars run off the road.
3. Nothing to show off, since anyone can buy one.
4. Poor man's dream sports car.
5. "The fastest car in the world" that has a top speed of 198mph..
1. Chevy owner - "OMG! It's a CORVETTE!" *pants come down..*

2. Fast Car owners -"Hahaha! Did you see how fast we passed that corvette!?"

3. Corvette owner - "Why do so many people have the same car as me?

Friend - "Because it's not expensive."

4. McDonalds employee - "Look at my new sports car. It's a corvette."

5. Corvette owner - "I thought this was the fastest car ever.. why does my speedometer only to go 200?"
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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A gay man who jumps from man to man; sucking their balls as he goes.
Matt - "Dude, Jeremy is such a ball-rabbit.."

Eric - "Totes dood, i saw him all over Fred, Tim, and Ronnie this weekend."

Matt - "Guy does work."
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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1. Person from Nigeria/Niger.
2. Of or referring to a black person.
3. A substitute for "nigger" or "nigga"; to avoid using such terms.
4. A cover for non-black persons, when referring to black people, in front/around other black people.
1. I am from Niger in Africa.

2. I was with my nigerian friend yesterday, and we went to the movies.

3. "Look at all the nigerians over there, Phil."

4. Jim told his black joke with other black persons all around him; substituting "black man" for nigerian so that nobody understood and got offended.
by yuskjr May 22, 2009

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