One of the principal land masses of Earth, including Africa, Antarctica, Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and South America.
Earth consists of seven continents.
by Gfunk January 18, 2006
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1. A result of smoking weed, it is the feeling one gets in his or her mouth when the spit valves stop and/or some sort of bread-like, crumbly, dry food item is present which soaks up the spit
2. The same concept or sensation afore mentioned applied further to other parts of life either emotionally, physically, or mentally

ORIGINS- The phrase "cotton mouth" meant it's literal meaning but then it became too cotton to say with the cotton mouth so we had to just start saying "contin" instead, drop the "mouth", and gain a new perspective. It also became a way for us to describe experiences not related to the mouth (see examples)

-Putting on/taking off wet socks
-Taking off a tight jacket in a small car
-Walking on bark barefoot
-A cold shower
-TV static at a loud volume with a lost remote
"Dude, my mouth is so contin right now! I need water!"

"Could you stop poking me with that stick? You're being contin."

"You need to clean your room dude, it's really contin in there."
by Schyewill32 July 1, 2014
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A particularly large region separated by other areas based on culture (Things such as language), Physical or natural borders (Such as mountains or oceans), or by the geographical location of the region (North & South America)

There are 7 continents recognized by the U.S.: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia*

Australia*: Not to be confused with Oceania, a region made up of thousands of islands.
"The biggest continent is Asia, while the smallest continent is Australia."
by bro wake up its 2015 March 16, 2022
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A term used in the porn industry to describe a sex scene, where the male talent is able to fully insert his penis inside his own ass.
We need it quite on the set, Jim is about to make a “continous circuit” in the grand finale of the scene.
by Hamper Hunter May 31, 2022
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MST Continus tablets are opioid based tablets with main ingredient - morphine. These tablets contain "slow-release morphine" and they are easy to inject intravenously.
They are commonly used to menage chronic pain,but they are lately commonly also used for heroin-addicts on maintenance.

Slow-release morphine is NATURAL derive of opium , which makes him MUCH more LESS toxic than Methadone which is pure lab-work medicine - synthetic opioid drug .
When someone asks for "MST Contin" , they actually asking for STRONG morphine based medicine ,which commonly comes in tablets or capsules.Mostly, "MST" is used in exception of heroin...sometimes ,and by words of others , "MST" is PURE and gives better "rush" than heroin ( street heroin - NOT medical heroin which is actually diacethyl-morphine).
It's commonly used when heroin dealer DON'T WANT or DO NOT HAVE "ANY OF" HEROIN , than it comes to taking "legal drugs" which are actually prescribed for some another person - but somehow it comes to "user" that needs to be "covered" until he(she) get's a hit of heroin.
by Check021 (B.M - Serbia) May 19, 2011
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Dumb idiot: I have been to all 6 Continents

Kyle: There is 7 continents

Dumb idiot: 6

Kyle: go back to 1st grade.
by IowanCorn2352 May 2, 2023
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