"Twelve's deep out here tonight yo, Boriqua's ain't movin sh** till shift change"
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synonym to yeah right, as if, or ye, used in a disrespectful way most of the time, originated in pendleton, south carolina!
Ugly dude: Hey, wanna go to prom with me?
me: 12!
by P-town.. U Know April 11, 2005
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1. XII.

2. 12.

3. The largest quantity that can be spoken in the English language with only one syllable.

4. One dozen.

5. The square root of a gross.

6. 1100 Binary.

7. C Hexadecimal.

8. The quantity of Little Twelve-Toes' fingers or toes.

What do you mean, "Example is too short"? How many examples of the word do you want?

No way! twelve twelves would be a gross, and that's not what I'm defining.
by Downstrike June 03, 2004
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Twelve- How anyone under the age of 25 appears to anyone over the age of 40.

Disparaging to their level of knowledge, lack of wisdom and their appearance.
What are you stupid? Oh..... no, you're only twelve.
by Morte_666 June 13, 2011
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MUCH higher than I can count; I don't even have enough fingers to do that one.
Well, I can't count to ten but someone told me I've got ten fingers... That's close enough, right?
by The Ugly One February 27, 2004
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