(n.) A test of strength and grip. Two teams line up on either side of a line and try to pull the other team over with a rope everyone holds.

It is also used as a metaphor in any event (usually political or gang-related) where two teams are trying to constantly outdo eachother.
It was a tug-of-war trying to get funds for the new project at work today. Smith kept trying to get money for his office from the boss while I wanted it to refurnish the office i work in.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 8, 2004
The sexual act of using double sided anal beads with your partner and clenching hard. You then tug in opposite directions, and whoever forces the beads to come out of their partner first, wins.
"Man, I heard Linda and Stacy like to get freaky in bed."
"Yeah, rumor has it they like to play Tug of War a lot."
by raventhor April 27, 2015

An expression used to define or a particularly violent wank.
Last night I went home and participated in a bit of self-love. It was a long hard battle, I ended up enjoying myself so much I bled. One things for sure, this Tug-of-war will be one to remember.
by Cunty monty cunto August 18, 2006
Similar to an eifel tower, the female has no control as her legs and arms are wrapped around the two mens torsos. The female is suspended over the ground. Incorporated the effects of a double wheelbarrow as if she is a wagon.
Cory and Gunther had a tug of war with Rachel.
by the_mayor13 October 6, 2010
The act of combining fornication or sodomy with the playing of tug of war using a dog's chew toy. This position works best if one participant lays on his or her back, and their partner sits on their lap. The tug of war type doggy chew toy is then placed with opposing ends in each of the participants mouths. If the participant on the bottom is male, he can fornicate or sodomize his partner while they struggle to pull the chew toy from each other.

The act of fighting against one's partner in order to pull the chew toy from them causes a very pleasurable sensation for one's genitalia, and growling and snarling with bared teeth can uniquely heighten the moment of orgasm, and contribute a primal, bestial quality that is far too often missing from everyday sex.

The act can be performed heterosexually or homosexually.
"The PE teacher at the local highschool was fired for telling his students to play Tug of War with him."

"I always wondered why my boyfriend kept a dog's chew toy in his room when he never had a dog. After we played Tug of War last night, I understood."

"I ripped out a tooth last night playing Tug of War."
by Mr. Gency's Exit April 6, 2008
"The tug of war" is a phenomen that takes place after wipping with excessive toilet paper. Said paper gets stuck in ones ass while also finding water. Upon flushing the "Tug of War" commences.
"what took so long In there? Is everything okay?"

"Sorry, I lost a tug of war battle."
by Bionicbrady November 6, 2017
irish1966 and jackrabbitslim love to play tug of war.
by elGuat December 28, 2007