(1)The portion of the American people that realize that the entire world wants them dead because of their country's insistence on raping the rest of the world to make a buck.

(2)Unfortunately, the portion of the American people falsely represented by the Bush administration that will unjustly get their asses kicked when the rest of the world comes knocking
"If only Americans were all republican, then i wouldn't have any sympathy at all"
-The World
by A real christian November 28, 2004
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political party who raises taxes in order to fund goverment programs to build a stronger country.these goverment programs help the people of america. if you are rich it doesent benifit you to pay taxes because you dont got to worry about sending your kids to a good public school.
ive been in many good and bad schools but those well funded by the goverment were the one of the best highschools in the nation or state well anyway kobe brynat went to one of those(LM)now those that the goverment did not fund were real bad and they aint produceing shit the sad thing about it all theirs alot of smart muther fuckers who go to those schools
by idfuckanything March 16, 2005
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a left of center political party taht fights for corporate control, social welfare, racial equality, gender equality, workers rights, environmental protection,womens rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, fair treatment for all,against fascism,nazi-ism,corporate greed,cronyism,destruction f the environment etc.
in my opinion, though totally irrelavent, the better party
Why didn't you vote for the democrats dude?
repuke:"duh! faggots dont need rights...lets take the escaade to walmart
by trevor_clark_12@yahoo.com December 29, 2005
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Democrats are commie bastards who fought for slavery and against the rights of minority peoples.

The American party of the southern states that failed to secede in 1881-1885. The democratic party is one of two original political parties created in 1787, 11 years after the signing of the American declaration of independance.

"We already have one n-word big shot and we don't need anymore" -Joseph R Biden
by JFK's brains January 29, 2021
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Democrats are Fucking idiots.
Democrats like Biden Obama Clinton are fucking retarded
by Redneck22lr January 13, 2022
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a political party who fights for civil rights. They also support the poor with welfare programs to make the middle class stronger.in order to create wellfare programs taxes must be raised to fund them. Now in my opion if the rich get taxed heavly and big buisnesses do to,it creates more small buisnesses and when theres more small buisnesses theres more conflict now if this happens the country will grow as a whole.many philosphers and great thinkers support the Democrat Theory.
Democrats unite the people of america have nothing to loose but there chains
by johnyhoff March 14, 2005
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political party who beileves in raiseing taxes on the rich to help fund welfare programs ment to help the poor and keep the middle class strong.just like Aristole,Thomas Jefferson,Karl Marx,John manard Keynes,and other smart people the believe that a strong middle class makes a strong country.What Democrats are most famous for though is that they worship the human spirit and believe that everyone is equal and fight for civil rights.Even though the Democrats philosphy is better then the Republicans they often loose elections since they arent funded by big buisness or rich people as much.When a Democrat does become president though it has always been a surplus and a step forward in civil rights except jimy carter.The Ideal Democrat these days resembles an F.D.R or a more moderet democrat former president bill clinton.
a school gets funded in a poor neighberhood makeing it good enough to be teaching those students who want to go to college things that they need to learn to go to college. If that school is not funded those people remain in that poor comunity.THINK OF IT HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL THAT DOESENT GET ALOT OF GOVERMENT FUNDS DO WELL,AND DOES A BAD PUBLIC SCHOOL EVER HAVE A HIGH STUDENT SUCCESS RATE AFTER THE STUDENT HAS LEFT? the answer to that is no just look at texas,newyork,flordia,philly,ect who get poorly funded.
and the Democrats get 90% of the black(democrats arent racist like republicans,not all republicans are raceist but there is negative history their since the 60,s.
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