A drop dead georgous girl. If you ever find a tamera never let go. When she says she loves someone she means it. Shes amazing in bed. And can make anyone laugh with her awesome sense of humor. Lots of guys want her but she will only give her heart to her one true love. If you find a tamera consider yourself lucky to have such an amazing girl. And dont ever fuck ur relationship up with her cuz you will regret it. Shez honest caring loving and you can always trust in what she says. Defienetly marriage material! Shes super fine and loves to have a good time! One of the chillest girls youll ever meet
Damn all the tameras are taken these days!!

Man too bad tamera has a boyfriend she is so amazing.

I wish i had a tamera.
by thatbitch... December 20, 2010
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Used to describe a wise, honest, and beautiful friend and/or lover. Very rare. Can seem introverted or quiet, but when faced with a difficult or stressful situation they always come out clean with flying colors. Can seem bossy but really just opinionated. Makes for a great best friend
She is so amazing, her name should be Tamera
by 1ladyluck October 25, 2010
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Internet meme hailing from Twitter, referencing iconic 90s actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, meaning you're deeply attracted to a white man, which implies that Tamera's "spirit" is possessing you.

The meme is inspired by a heavily used gif of Tamera crying, while confessing she is called "white man's whore" by internet trolls, because of her interracial marriage to a white man. Also, she is often picked on by fans and her dear friend Loni Love, for her apparent predilection for white men.
Have you seen Chris Evans's new photoshoot? The spirit of Tamera is calling me.

I can't get over my obsession with Jon Hamm... The spirit of Tamera isn't giving me a break.
by plansfornigel September 20, 2019
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(Sarcasm) when a black girl wants or think about dating a white man. Reference to Tamera Mowry, who is married to an (unappreciated) white man and got backlash for that.
Gurl I saw Travis Kelce’s pics and I think Spirit of Tamera is calling me.
by KinkyCrown February 27, 2020
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Phrase used to describe nice size symmetrical (twin) boobs/titties. Named after famous twins Tia & Tamera Mowry.
I sent my boyfriend a picture of Tia & Tamera last night. He said he can’t wait to play with them.
by EbonyStorm August 4, 2019
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