When you are in all the way to your balls. That’s when you know you’re “indecent”
I was so indecent with my girlfriend last night.
by Smh86 June 14, 2019
An amazing blog on tumblr. Jackie posts and reblogs great things and is loved by many.
I love indecity, she is so great and she and Tyler are adorable together.
by extraaa November 12, 2011
Being indecent is when you are long enough, hard enough, and in far enough.
Last night i was "indecent" with Becky and her twin sister.
by Geosf March 10, 2022
I was at the park and a bee flew up my pants so I got scared took my pants off but then a kid saw me and I got charged with indecent exposure
by (****()) August 25, 2022
The Indecent Ones, other wise know as TIO are a group of several people who talk, think or act indcently. The conversations they have can be disturbing to other people.
"Oh golly one is so indecent!"

"Gosh one is!"

"Were The Indecent Ones"

"That is awfully Indecent"

Obviously they are amazing.
by Raah January 7, 2008
Indecent proposal by married men for sex is not appreciated by single ladies
The rock star made a indecent proposal towards the single lady for sex and she refused
by Topango September 6, 2017
A variation of the doggy style sexual position in which the male raises his left or right foot and moves it forward to lay parallel from the recipient's torso.Thus allowing for deeper thrusts and quicker more rapid entry.
She said she wanted it harder so I gave her an indecent proposal. needless to say, she was pleased.
by Elmac January 27, 2009