It is when you tuck your penis in between your legs to make it look like you have a vagina.
When he showed me his twin sister I gagged in my mouth!
by Anonymous07 August 20, 2006
A less crass way of saying a pair of tits
This beat is colder than two diamonds on twin sisters
by SauceMilliken December 8, 2021
Pair of two girls that are the bestest friends in the world and are super nice. Usually one of them will be a bitch, but once you get to know her, she will be an amazing person and friend. Also will fall for any guy. The other one will be super shy and introverted at first. But, then as you get to know her, she becomes the life of the party and is amazing to have around. As a bonus, they are both thicc asfff. Great to have around as they are both very weird and funny.
Dang look at them. I bet they're Twin Burrito Sisters.
by ThiccerThanABowlOfOatmeal September 28, 2018
Friends who are sisters, but more. They are alike in almost every way! They don't have to necessarily look alike.
by meyoutwinning July 2, 2015