Being unable to read or write
Almost 999.99% of people on the internet are illiterate
by DizzyLizzy March 26, 2007
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1. Someone who is stupid, a ridiculous person, someone who has no knowledge in the field of discussion.

2. Word used to mean getting crazy/Krunk/Hi-Fi but not being a big enough tool to say one of the mentioned words.

3. Saying something stupid

4. A person who can not read and write
1. That illiterate kid from the burbs blares Souljah Boy in his shitty van with rims. That kid said that Jay-Z is way better than Nas, he is illiterate.

2. We are gonna get so illiterate tonight that we will lose our sense of smell. "Lets get Krunk", "I would but I am not a fag so I am gonna get illiterate"

3. "Dave Chappelle is not as funny as Dane Cook", "Are you fucking illiterate? Yes he is."

4. Souljah Boy, Dolla, Fat Joe
by Ryan D Scott May 04, 2008
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An adjective denoting the misuse of a word or phrase in a sentence.
That was so illiterate when he spelled Dominican with three i's.
by mechicken69 November 10, 2009
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