Acronym for "This Is Not News." Used when commenting on a particularly trashy or irrelevant news article.
Article Headline: "Who Wears Bald Best? Britney Spears Or Lady Gaga?"

Commenter: "TINN. Who cares?"
by bantic June 20, 2011
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Tinne is an extremely attractive girl, she can make any boy fall in love with her
She is very cheerful and mostly happy.
She is as attractive as a tinne
by Kakapipidiarre December 31, 2019
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"I've got to tell you guys something, I've been diagnosed with Tinne"
by Fenyll November 30, 2016
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Tinne is very kind and caring! Sometimes she might find it a bit hard to open up, but when she does you know she trusts you. She has a very good sense of humor and likes to make people smile. She also is sensitive and has a heart of gold. Her favourite band is probably The Script and she loved Game Of Thrones. She loves creativity and loves food!
by tijucal May 05, 2020
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