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13 definitions by prince

1. Ancient Celtic name with obscure meaning to "green mist" and "green sea foam." 2. A woman who constantly tries to get her point across, but due to dyslexia and social phobia, trips over her own words. 3. A MILF.
I was talking to Saskla but all I could understand was something about how she bikes lalls a lot. She's very confusing sometimes.
by prince July 19, 2004
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If you cover his schlong youll never go wrong
that condom is my best friend
by prince February 24, 2005
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Achieved when one cums barely across the retina of another, and the recipient looks directly into a source of light.
Man, I gave her such a great creamy kalediscope that her optometrist cancelled her laser eye surgery, and asked for my home number.

Aww shit, that's good looking out man.
by prince November 30, 2004
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When a male gets his penis pierced. This can go in many ways. It is most commonly done in that the peircing goes up through the bottom of the penis and comes though the urethra. The peircing goes after the head and before the bottom of the foreskin cut off. It is a reletively painless procedure and makes everything better for both parties. aka p.a.
Lee has a P.A.. It is really nice. His girlfriend never wants to stop doing the nasty. It makes her happy lips happy. Go Lee go
by prince April 24, 2003
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if im listening to 2 15" subs in my ride bunpim Ciara - 1 2 Step, my frends say "thats shits groovy!"
by prince October 15, 2004
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prince and roper said it means oops my bad
if u did something wrong you'd say "im so illiterate"
by prince October 5, 2004
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