1. Wannabe thug
2. lack of vocabulary
3. promotes illiteracy
4. see wanksta
5. uneducated
Chingy finally moved outta his mamma's house, after his single "Right Thurr" sold millions of copies to teenage girls who are so uneducated and lacking in selfesteem, and who more than likely will end up in shelters for battered women, in the future.
by Anti-Fake Thug Rappers December 19, 2003
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1.Gayest fuckin rapper of all time
all his faggot ass songs blow and he raps about nothin just sayin random wannabe gangsta shit
2.loves to smoke the pole
chingy loves to smoke the pole
chingy fuckin sucks ass at rappin
by shea gilly January 14, 2004
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Something that is expensive

Derived from the popular phrase "ka-ching" which means being in monetary wealth.
"Hey, are you going out to the city tonight for a beer?"

"Nah, shit is too chingy nowadays!"
by Jewish American Princess July 26, 2009
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Horrible St. Louis rapper who's set a new low for hip-hop. His lyrics are shit and his flow is whack. He's released songs such as "Right Thurr", "One Call Away" and "Balla Baby", none of which have any real meaning
by Rootbeer February 21, 2005
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What a girl is called when she has chin hair.
1. "Dortice is very Chingy"

by Kitty05 October 6, 2007
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Some idiot rapper who put out the dumb songs "Holidae Inn" and "Right Thurr".
see rap and loser
Chingy is not hot.
by Charlie Mulligan March 5, 2004
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A douchebag rapper who has no flow and has a fake accent. See Nelly.
Question:How come Chingy is the only rapper from the ATL with a southern accent dat thick?

Answer: Cuz he a fake ass wanksta nigga
by Bone Crusha March 11, 2004
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