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1) Trippin', acting erratically or inappropriately.
2) Having fun, or messing around.
1) My parole office is usually cool, but he started illin' when I told him I was back to shooting heroin and pimpin' hos.

2) Me and my boys was just sitting around illin'...
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
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A word used to describe something that is both "sick" (amazing) and "chilling" (relaxed). Synonomous with "epic" and "legendary" although with a somewhat more relaxed connotaion.
Yo brosif, that headshot was straight illin like a villain yo!
by CandyMan77 March 25, 2009
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Something pirates and theives and beastie boys do well and often.
"Most illinest b-boy - I got that feeling
I am most ill and I'm rhymin' and stealin'

by jim December 21, 2005
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Doing stuff you shouldn't be doing (aka bad shit) while hanging out with friends, like drugs or vandalism.
Donna: "What are the plans for tonight, Fred?"
Fred: "Oh Hangin', Chillin'.... Little bit a illin."
by Shannie January 04, 2006
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