6 definitions by Soledad

His whole whole set was pretty illy
by Soledad July 24, 2003
I've got forty beans/It cost me forty beans
by Soledad July 24, 2003
Miqueas. A great friend, who you can talk of everything and it's always for you , When you have a problem do

not doubt ask him for help . A little shy but when you get to know him a very chatty and funny person. Sometimes he
says things that would be better to keep but it is good to have someone sincere by your side, right?
She loves Miqueas for help her
by Soledad February 9, 2018
You know the moon isnt green are you illin!?!?
by Soledad July 24, 2003
that nasty fcker cut one in the elevator
by Soledad October 28, 2003
that stuff irks me/will you quit irking me already!
by Soledad July 24, 2003