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The words 'Break Boy and Break Girl' originated from the Bronx of New York. In the early 70's Dj Kool Herc would play the 'breaks' of songs. Meaning, he would only play parts of the songs where it was beat only, no lyrics. This would excite the people to dance. So in turn girls and guys who danced to these 'breaks' were called 'Break Boy and Break Girl' or 'B-Boy; B-Girl' in short.
B-boying started with the James Brown's 1969 "Get on the Good Foot". When on stage James Brown would dance around with such energy and almost acrobatic moves, many people began mimicking his moves, so they called it the "Good Foot". The 'Good Foot' was mainly dancing around that involved drops or spins on the floor. Thus, the beginning evolution of breaking.
During the 1970's martial arts were also very popular, so B-Boys (for the most part) incorporated martial art stunts to 'wow' the crowds. And today b-boying has evolved into a highly demanding dance physically and mentally. With massive b-boy dance competitions being held around the world, such as BOTY (Battle of the Year) in Germany and the FreeStyle Sessions.

It is important to know that the term b-boy cannot be used for an emcee, DJ or rapper. Only breakers can be called b-boys.

Also b-boys do not like to be called "Break-dancers", as this was a term coined by the media in the 80's, and is not a 'true' hip-hop' phrase. Break-dancers are dancers who have no style and show their powermoves to get props from people who have no idea about breaking.
B-boy Cloud has the Dopest Top-rock ever.

B-boy Benji has the illest powermove combos.
by enveoner January 24, 2005
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- Break Boy , the true name for what the media called "breakdancing". You men and women that got off to the break of a song
JoJo, Spy, Jimmy Dee, were Bboys from the original Rock Steady Crew.
by maze January 05, 2004
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Popular to contrary belief, B-Boy was a phrase invented by the gay community as long ago as the 1960's.
The saying "B-Boy" was slang for "Bottom-Boy" which was a discreat way of indicating someones sexuality (to the homosexual persuasion). Since the 60's this slang term (ironicly) became known as "break-boy" for breakdancing, however, both meanings still exist.
I'm meeting with a new B boy tonight to see if he's right for me
by Arthur widdle November 09, 2006
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bboy stands for break boy and is the only true dance of hip hop. The name was givin first by dj kool herc to his dancers at one of his famous parties. Break can stand for a few things. It can stand for when the dj played a song and extended the break for people to dance, and it can also stand for people trying to reach a breaking point in their dancing and trying to reach new limits. The media began to call it "break dancing" but that is not the correct name. Bboying started with top rocking and dancing at parties, then was taken to the floor by people like the nigga twins. Now over time it as progressed and become more acrobatic and has added new style. Bboying is an element of hip hop and is its own dance, but a lot of moves came from a variety of places including tap, jazz, gymnastics, capoeira, and yoga, and keeps on growing.
Look at all the bboys and bgirls.
I was bboying.
by steve-miller August 31, 2006
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