1) (v.) To act crazy, outlandish, outrageous, stupid or retarded.

2) (adj.) Of or having the quality or flavor of the Beastie Boys lyrics, humor, or style (i.e. having sarcastic or biting humor, a flippant attitude, use of obscure cultural references, quoting or wearing kitschy and outlandish phrases or styles).
Yo, dawg, dem lyrics is Beastie, yo!

Derek got all beastie and saved his head like MCA.

Qwame gets all beastie when he drinks Brass Monkey 'cuz he gets retarded and up peoples faces.
by Tenacious Faulker March 30, 2009
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Scottish word for a small animal such as a mouse or an insect.
Jings! Whit was that?

It was a wee beastie!
by MEAT PIE!!!!!!! August 17, 2008
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That new series of vampire graphic novels is BEASTIE dude!
by JavaJaneOhio November 13, 2010
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Someone who is really cool, or an absolute beast. Someone who is really good at something. "A legend"
Can be spelt beasty
Also used as beasty boy.
John's an absolute beastie.

He's a beast at football.
by drpecki December 24, 2006
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term used for best friend or groupie who really catches your eyes. lovable people you want to hang with,; someone you pig out and sleep over with. Someone who you share secrets and winks with
"Hey, you wanna go to my house?," says Annie.
"Of course! You're my beastie!" Karen replies.
by aznblonde3636 November 3, 2007
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noun- A somewhat familiar name for things like goblins, ghosts, ghouls, or what have you.

In "Lord of the Flies," the name represented both a tangible and mental thing or fear. Can be used to describe scary people, parents, people you don't like, or a certain band.

Also has a much nicer ring to it than "beast." Beauty and the Beastie just sounds... friendlier.
Jobob- "Jimmee! That dern beastie right nearly et my fingars off!"

Jimmee- "Leyt's get outta heyr then!"
by Hans le Noir February 3, 2006
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A way of saying something is of a large quantity or size, or maybe has a large animal characteristic. In many cases can also replace the word fat.
That sandwich was beastie!
That chick was beastie!
by Caroline March 23, 2005
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