Doing stuff you shouldn't be doing (aka bad shit) while hanging out with friends, like drugs or vandalism.
Donna: "What are the plans for tonight, Fred?"
Fred: "Oh Hangin', Chillin'.... Little bit a illin."
by Shannie January 4, 2006
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Ex. If you make a basket and you yell "Touchdown!"
by Coral Fang December 6, 2003
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john:whats up nigga
jamie:nothin g-unit, im fuckin illin with a mack 10 and a 4 pound blunt, represent.
by Brendan Brown December 14, 2003
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Partaking in an activity which authorities would class as being no good. Range of illin activies are numerous and cover a wide spectrum of "offences" from loitering to smoking an L or casing a joint.
Martin: "Hey Bart what you up to?"
Bart: "Just chillin, little bit of illin..."
by Mack'N October 25, 2005
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The DHAMINATOR was illin when he asked me to blaze some pcp.
by wldchild July 23, 2003
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