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A faggish loser whom no one wishes to talk to or hang out with. A fagatron usually wears heinous clothing and watches Gilmore Girls. One can be seen roller blading and chatting with strangers in his mock "Bat Cave."
Ronaldoe: Did you check those glasses Doris was sporting in bio?
Chazz: Bro, I try not to, she is such a fagatron.
by Ambassador-C May 20, 2008
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A psychedelic new genre of music combining grunge and punk.
Mikey: Turn that shit off bro!
Regis: Fuck you! This is some hardcore gunk shit.
Mikey: Oh really? I'm trippin' balls! Sorry bro, let me get you a beer.
by Ambassador-C May 18, 2008
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A hardcore fan of the Grateful Dead. The complete opposite of a Parrothead.
Julio: Dude, that bro is trippy.
Beckworth: Hahaha, bro, that is just a Deadhead.
by Ambassador-C May 20, 2008
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to be acting lame.

usually a pretty dope person acting totally whack.

something a hater does.
Dirty Dan: BababaBiyatch, hows it crackin baby bizzle?
Charisse: Shut the fuck up; you be illin' douche packer.
by Ambassador-C May 24, 2008
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Tourista: My, my! Who is that dirty street urchin?!
Pablo: Eeeeey, thats just Emilio, el pinche grifo.
by Ambassador-C May 24, 2008
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An faggish anime diehard poser who pretends to read all the backward comic books and drinks japanese soda. An anigay is usually just a white kid who wishes he was an asian because he is excluded from all other social groups. These bizarre people can be found on the internet watching pokemon and trading anime cards with their second cousins in North Carolina.
Danika: Bra, look at that freaking wannabe asian watching Digimon- raunchy!
Glen: Chill girl, don't point, its just another one of those poser anigays.

by Ambassador-C May 23, 2008
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A local hippie usually standing outside of a Grateful Dead concert mixing moonshine and tying to cast spells on people. A Moonshine Mixer will most likely have long greasy hair, walk with a staff, weave clothing out of hemp, and throw around magnetic hematite zinger balls. Their moonshine is top notch and probably has a radically high alcohol content. Most policeman are to frightened to go near them.
Negeen: Dad, look at the witches and warlocks stirring up their pots! I'm fricking afraid!
Peetri: No worries, baby! Thats just a Moonshine Mixer.
by Ambassador-C May 20, 2008
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