when ur chillin but also having a sick (ill) time
person 1- how was the party?

person 2- it was illin

im illin rn
by lizown April 28, 2018
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1) A mysterious, secretive character from several of the "Grafton Series" novels written by author Stepthen Coonts. Illin is an operative who holds a senior position in the Russian inteligence agency known as "SVR", but who more often than not is serving his beloved Motherland by doing what he see's best.

2. A formadible oponent in Battlefield 1942, or any of the games many mods.
"Janos Illin," the Russian said in impecable English, "and you are Admiral Grafton I presume?"
"I am" Jake said
"Then I have information privy to you that may save the lives of millions"
by Derek Thornton May 14, 2004
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