I was illin last night
by Dax September 10, 2003
layin back with ur best guys smokin and drankin
Sorry i cant talk right now, im illin wit Big Spence,Big Sean and logan the three most crazy loked out sons of bitches ever!
by sean mcguire October 25, 2005
is a form of chillin without the c
"Man i was illin last night with some hot suges"
by Ovechkin99 May 12, 2009
"Do y'all want an air hockey table for like thirteen bucks?!"
"Uh, that sounds ilin', but it would be hard to explain to the rentals..."
by loseresque July 22, 2005
I was illin last night after eating all that food
by Dax September 10, 2003
there's something wrong with you because you're ridiculous .
If you go to KFC and order a small fry & big mac - YOU BE ILLIN' !

- from RUN-D.M.C. song called you be illin .
Ben: How are you g ?
Ron: Just illin wbu?
by dubby901 November 16, 2017