mami let me fuck.. whoa we just met, u buggin..
by cookie January 4, 2005
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to cause problems or drama where/when problems and drama shouldn't or don't exist.
Shorty: Why you not want me tonight?
Playboi: it's 12 in the bean and i gotta work early. you know you my main ting doe, boo.

Shorty: So you don't think i'm sexy?
Playboi: Stop buggin.

See also: trippin and A Tribe Called Quest song "Buggin Out" for further explanations
by tamns7 February 21, 2014
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Playful or foolish behavior usually accompanied by stream of consciousness jokes and random quotes.

Whistle's "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin'", A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out", De La Soul's "A Little Bit of Soap" and The Pharcyde's "Ya Mama" are a prime musical examples of what it is to be buggin'.
Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear? Man, you buggin'.
by minusbaby October 1, 2003
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v. i. Leaving the premises. Usually written as buggin out.
"Remaining Migs are buggin out."--Top Gun
by fizzle April 2, 2004
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to stare into space for a long period of time
Yo man, u mad buggin, whatchu lookin at?
by Charity November 2, 2003
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