yea i'll get 'round to that idc
by maxwell mouse September 26, 2011
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“omg mom i shit my pants
awe baby idc”
by ilovewap$!101 October 17, 2020
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1: Acronym for: I don't care. To say you do not give a shit.

2: A salty, desperate, repetitive comeback for edgy robloxian ODers they use when they refuse to admit they're wrong, Usually comes with nub.
Person 1: Hey dude I just got a dog :D.
Person 2: Idc.

Any healthy-minded person in ROBLOX: What the #### do you think you're doing?! ODer sex is a sin in ROBLOX!
xXxXHotnoobkillerninjaXxXx: IDC NUB GET OUT.
Hotmamigirl123: YEA IDC TOO U NUB #### YOU.
Any healthy-minded person in ROBLOX: How old are you 2 even?!
Hotmamigirl123 and xXxXHotnoobkillerninjaXxXx at the same time: IDC #### YOU!!!!! YOU ############ UR SO GEY XD
Any healthy-minded person in ROBLOX: but I'm strai...
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this means they really care on the inside but they don't want to admit because they're too stubborn and afraid of being wrong.

its ok tho we know you hurting bud :)
FRIEND:"Ayo buddy, I think Mikey is talking to your girlfriend!"
by XXLemonSkweezeXX April 16, 2020
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idc means that "I do care" (i.e.-I want this relationship to work out for the both of us!)
by blondluvr June 17, 2005
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Not giving no typa fuck abt sumbody opinion
Abrar : he’s so fine
Me: he ugly idc idc
by Acootamatatta August 20, 2019
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