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A brave soul who knows no strangers with a smile that can light up the world. Happy, sweet and a silly person, the best first born son anyone can imagine. After a long day, coming home to his smiling face along with the best hugs and kisses, although he can't tell you he loves you in words yet the joy in his eyes when he sees you melts your heart and makes all your worries go away. Hes going to be the guy all the guys want to be friends with and all the girls will have crushes on. A rockstar.
To have Atticus for a son is happiness. Being with Atticus is a daily blessing, to be satisfied with life, to be happy.
by ANR+NLD=AJD June 15, 2013
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Honestly the most handsome, caring, funny, and charming guy you'll ever meet. Whenever you seem him, you'll smile. No matter what mood you're in, he'll bring it up. Every text you share with him will be the most magical you'll ever see. He is honest, and wonderful. His red lips are so soft and his hazel eyes are so sparkling. His pale skin, wonderful complexion, his whole face is perfect. He gives great advice and makes you feel like the happiest girl on the world. If you have to spend your future with anyone, spend it with Atticus.
Mindy: Atticus I don't know anymore. Do you like me?

Atticus: I'm sorry, I do not. But know we have to be friends and you will find someone who will love you forever. I'm so sorry. We'll spend every second together.
by OnlyYouMakeItBetter December 05, 2012
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often referred to as the Roman sex god. is the romantic type who loves to have fun. usually has biting, sucking, and licking fetishes, but knows how to make them to handle them well. he's the kind of guy you'll always want around. no one can ever compare to an Atticus. once you find him, don't let him go.
i miss my Atticus <3
by atticuslover January 23, 2011
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An alternative rock band popularized largely through internet promotion (MySpace) and appearances on the WB's "The Daily Buzz." Band members are Allen Clark, Aaron Gabriel, Adam Menhinick, and Donnie Shockley.
I saw Atticus on "The Daily Buzz," and now I'm checking out their MySpace page!
by Clit Eatswood August 15, 2006
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Originally the name of the main character from the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Also a clothes brand make, worn by alot of punk/rock/pop/emo/alt bands.
Person 1: *reading TKAMB* wow, this Atticus dude is really cool!

Person 2: So is my Atticus tee! It rules!
by x_Louise_x August 20, 2005
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A constellation of stars shaped somewhat similarly to the ancient city of athens formed by 13 stars. Visible from most of the northern hemisphere. The word atticus is derived from the Latin word "attica" which means "from athens". Hence the name of the constellation.
We spotted the Atticus while star watching last night.
by Starkey19 March 13, 2012
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