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Idc means I don't care. It is alike idk but they have two very different meanings. Actually, somebody could say idk and idc which is common also.
Jess: You're being very rude
Kate: Idc
Mom: You haven't done ur homework
Lily: idc
Amy: Who is that shady girl?
Melissa: Idk and idc
by idk_definitions March 29, 2018
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Idk means I don't know. It is commonly used in text or in YouTube comments. It is a form of internet slang, the most common one of all.
"Where's Sarah?
by idk_definitions March 29, 2018
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Idk stands for I don't know. It's pretty simple actually. Nothing more to it than that.

Emma: What time do we have to hand in our homework?
Lola: Idk

Rachel: Who is she?
Samantha: Idk
by idk_definitions February 7, 2018
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Ngl means Not Gonna Lie. People use this term of Internet slang when they're being honest about something, most of the time something that's unpleasant that the person is thinking about.

Here are some examples:
"What do you think of the new girl?"
"Ngl, she's really ugly"

"Your mom told you to clean up, by the way"
"Ngl I don't care"
by idk_definitions July 20, 2018
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Muser : Someone who does Tik Toks (Musicallys) or somebody who uses Tik Tok (Musical.ly)
All my musers unite!

Idk XD
by idk_definitions November 29, 2018
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Manky is a commonly used word in British secondary schools, and is used to describe something nasty or disgusting. This can go from the school's spare kits or to that one scruffy girl who you just can't stand...
"Ew, Rebecca is actually manky. She doesn't brush her teeth!"
"These spare shorts are manky, I swear that the teachers don't wash them..."
"This burger is manky. The meat's not even fully cooked!"
by idk_definitions December 31, 2020
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If it's too long to type Your or You're, you can type ur. Ur is common internet slang and a lot of people use it. Mainly on social media. Pronounce as: Your or You're
"Take ur sister to the shop"
"Ur so stupid"
"Fix ur face"

(I know...the last two are kinda savage)
by idk_definitions February 7, 2018
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