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A gathering of peoples revolving around a similar interest, idea, or hobby.
Did you go to that business convention? Yes, they were discussing the future of intel-based chipsets.
by Melkiah January 29, 2009
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A crackin' ass party with a lot of people in attendance.

Bigger than a function.
Person 1: "Hella people were at that party last night, it was a zoo"

Person 2: "That party was crazy, it was a straight convention"
by frizzy1fasho March 08, 2012
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— noun

1. Archaic a gathering of midgets

2. a gathering of little people
eg. “We’d better stock up on trampolines; the convention is in town.”
eg. “That’s nothing, bro.. I once hung out with a convention of Tyrion Lannisters in Vegas.”
eg. “Could you please move a little to your right? I’m trying to see the convention.”
by blair walsh January 12, 2018
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a) a convening (i.e. a gathering) of people, usually signatories of a political treaty
b) the way things are/ are supposed to be done or performed
c) something you convene (agree to)
according to some, including myself, the Versailles conference was really a convention in all three senses of the word, as defined above.
by sexydimma November 27, 2017
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