phrase very rude was originally invented by a teacher V.kešalp (kokotna hlava...) He used it to express dissaproval on notation that he smokes crack.
Pupil claimed that he smokes crack, according to kešalps request to write essay on 1500 words during Christmas holidays. Nowadays used to express any feeling, or just to fill the emptiness in conversation.
"You smoking crack?" pupil
"That was...very rude Kasper...very rude!" teacher

"You see that loser?" person A
"Very rude!" person B
by jassmine November 13, 2009
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'It's Very Rude"

Cookie Monsters who steal from little Girl Scouts.
'It's Very Rude"

Said to the Cookie Monster who stole the money from the little girl scout -

"I can't believe that you did that! It's Very Rude! - said the little Girl Scout"
by LenDog3 March 19, 2010
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