Kaleb is a tall, strong, athletic guy who could kick anyone's ass if he wanted. He is a nice guy who is rarely mean. He also isn't big with the ladies so if he likes you go after him!
Person 1: " Kaleb likes you!!"
Person 2: "OMG are you serious! I love him so much!"
by real_lyfe27 July 16, 2016
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Kaleb is a goofy boy that always makes you laugh. Kaleb is a lowkey freak but dosent admit it. Kaleb is cute even though he thinks he's not. Get you a Kaleb!
by Serenity L. June 25, 2017
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Does not know how to be quiet.
Is a jokester so if you can't take a joke inappropriate or not then stay away from a Kaleb.
If you can take a joke then you likely got a new friend named Kaleb.
He also won't change for any one so if you don't like them now you probably never will.
Boy:Kaleb won't shut up
Girl:But they make good jokes

Boy:I don't like there jokes
Girl:Then stop talking to them
by Nothingasfarasyourconcern March 19, 2017
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A Kaleb will make you laugh , when nothing else can. A Kaleb will make your face hurt from the amount of smiling youll do. A Kaleb is the best kind of guy youll ever come across, so if youre lucky enough meet a Kaleb dont let him slip through your fingers... you probably wont find another one. They are like an endangered species in the world of men.
Girl 1: I met a Kaleb once, I trapped him and now hes my exotic pet.

Girl 2: Seriously?? Ive never even seen a Kaleb?? Can I pet him?

Girl 1: No, hes mine.
by Garlic Bread January 29, 2010
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The coolest guy youve ever met. When you meet him at first he sounds like a complete ass. But then he turns into an awesome guy thats goofy and is nice to you. At times he may need to crack a few perverted jokes but they're only harmless. He loves to say the word Rawr and will immediatly respond back to you in seconds. I you are reading this Kaleb I just have to say this is 100% true and no denials.
Mom:What do you do on that computer all day?

Me:Oh ive been talking to my friend Kaleb.

Mom:Oh, well have fun then.
by Hgfgjgtukduy August 17, 2012
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An amazing guy that you can never stop thinking about. He's a sweet and nice and so damn funny. He's dangerous but makes you more attitived to him. All guys want to be a Kaleb. Because he's a sexy and handsome guy that all girls want. And will give all his love to the girl he is in love with. He is amazing, and once you love him you will never stop
Girl: Wow your being a Kaleb...I love you! :) <3
by foreverandeveriwillbeyours January 16, 2011
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