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a person who is an idiot and shows it all too well
"Stop humping the chair! You're such a dickhead!"
by corianna March 14, 2003
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1 - Someone who treats people unfairly for little or no reason.

2 - Person with a penis on their head.
Lubie: Dude, Anthony's such a dickhead.
Badass: I know dude.
by Lubie47 May 04, 2009
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when someone is acting like a really big dick
' omg, look at dave, he thinks hes the shit '
' yeah, dave is such a dick head '
by dickheadssuck October 12, 2009
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A group of people who profiteer during a pandemic and buy up all the supplies of hand sanitiser and food, then proceed to sell it at extortionate prices on various online sales outlets. A petition has been set up to name and shame these DICKHEADS!
Look at these DICKHEADS with a trolleys full of toilet roll and sanitiser!!! Scratch their car with you're keys!!! No, take a pic of the REG plate and post it online!!!!
by TheCorrectKnowledge March 29, 2020
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One who behaves in a particularly obnoxious or selfish manner; as though they have cum for brains. A jerk.
Tom ate the last of the fuck'n cheese again, and he hasn't been to the store in over a month, that dick head!

Girl: Are you still dating Simon?
Another Girl: What the fuck! I thought he was cool at first, but that asswipe stood me up twice in a row and never called again!
Girl: What a dick head!
by Waer November 09, 2005
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Any person who is always right, and when questioned will come back with something witty that will make you sound so stupid, you will never want to challange again. Personal subjects will be thrown out there, and tears usually follow. Will constantly point out your negatives and will just generally make you feel worse about yourself. This person is usually very good at comebacks and will not take offense to anything.
Person to dickhead: "Are you going to the bar tonight?"
Dickhead response: "Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuckyourself"
by gotti3016 September 17, 2008
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A British word which is used to describe a person who is rude and obnoxious.Most dick heads think that they are clever when they are far from it.
Look at that dick head over there.

What a bunch of dick heads that lot are.
by Robin November 11, 2004
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