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a. One who speaks as though they know what they're talking about...though they do not. b. a bullshitter.
by Frank July 24, 2003

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hipster lingo for cool
"that shirt is deck."
by frank November 18, 2003

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A low-growing Eurasian shrub growing in dense masses and having small evergreen leaves and clusters of small, bell-shaped pinkish-purple flowers. (A grayish purple to purplish red)
Cross Word -Indigenous Morland Plant (7 Letters) - Heather
by Frank June 19, 2006

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The head of the male penis. The glans.
Do you wanna see my bell end?
by Frank November 23, 2002

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I Dont Care
turbulenc said koolash, i told him idc.
by Frank November 18, 2003

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Magical metal bar that makes things happen, until it runs out of magic. Then it can be used to throw at annoying people, to prop up particularly wobbly chairs or be sold to the gullible.
Priscilla: My battery powered washing machine isnt working
Borris: The batteries must be running out. Lets throw them at Frank!
by Frank March 08, 2004

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a handsome young basketball player who's going to play for Lakers in the future
man,that guy plays like afiq!!!Damn man!!
by frank January 29, 2004

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