164 definitions by Frank

the complete opposite of clutch, meaning whatever is being described is not good or is dumb.
The Morton Potters Boy's Basketball Team this year looks very anti-clutch.
by Frank November 26, 2003
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Someone paid to lie, bribe witnesses and charge exhorbitant fees
That man is a proven lawyer (attributed to the late Peter Cook)
by Frank February 18, 2004
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An offensive term used to describe Tacoma, Washington; usually heard on the isolated campus of UPS.
Yeah dude, I go to UPS in Tacompton. sic
by Frank May 5, 2005
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an overly obese man/woman who sits at home 24/7, lathers in his/her self pity and tries to bring others down to his/her level. wheres the same jogging suit everywhere he/she goes.
by Frank February 15, 2004
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Another slang term for the illegal substance marijuana
You gotta blunt? Only if you got tasfu.
by Frank January 20, 2004
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