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A low-growing Eurasian shrub growing in dense masses and having small evergreen leaves and clusters of small, bell-shaped pinkish-purple flowers. (A grayish purple to purplish red)
Cross Word -Indigenous Morland Plant (7 Letters) - Heather
by Frank June 19, 2006
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a person that picks thier nose and eats pickles
Hi i'm thuy, that pretty much explains everything =)
by Frank January 4, 2005
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the head fan of uk rock band SPiT LiKE THiS

her job is to promote the band as much as she can, ALWAYS be at gigs and to generally enetertain the band if they get bored.
we've got to sit around for three hours waiting for these crap bands to finish before we get to go on. Where's slutter?? I'm bored!
by Frank September 3, 2004
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The Antwanist bible well known for its great CRINGE!section and supreme crappyness
Oh the new mizz is out this week
Yes I enjoy the CRINGE! section
by Frank October 20, 2004
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the pimpest most leet rifleman in DoD, plays for 1st ID, www.firstinfantry.com
Check Six: OMFG we need to recruit Pinkius
Trademark: OMFG NO we do!
by Frank April 23, 2005
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A small hound, or hunting dog, twelve to fifteen inches high, used in hunting hares and other small game
"hold this position and wait for my go"
"jolly good"
"release the deagle"
by Frank July 26, 2004
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A sick minded, twisted lover of pandas
ohh noo get your dirty panda loving hands off me you dirty little panda lover!!!
by Frank November 16, 2004
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