a GIANT iPod touch, that is less portable and costs about 3 times as much
Someone, "Can i see your iPod touch"
Someone else, "Its an iPad, you need some glasses, and no, i paid $499 for it,, you can't touch it"
by fadyg6 April 10, 2010
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The next generation of failed expectations, especially in reference to devices ripped from Star Trek.
"I hope the new iCommunicator won't turn out to be another iPad."
by Joshua Fan January 27, 2010
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Jean: That new Sedaris book is out. I'll download it to my handy dandy friend, Kindle!

Barry: Kindle? You still stuck on him? I thought iPad killed Kindle before it even had a chance to reach pre-school.

Jean: Ya, I know, that sure was a waste of $300. iPad is so guilty in the case of Kindle's murderer. Kindle is now resting in peace with Palm Pilot, VCR and Projection TV in Techno Heaven.
by Sidbo January 27, 2010
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An entirely useless product for Apple to make a quick cash-in out of drooling iFanboys. It is a bulky, overpriced gadget that serves practically no purpose other than a waste of space and $840.
Steve Jobs: The iPad will revolutionize life as we know it! Not only does it have the advanced technology of the iPod Touch, but it's three times larger!

iFanboy: I think I stained my pants!

The typical College Confidential user: I got 5's on all 31 AP exams I've taken, 800 on every subject test, and a 2400 on my SAT. I'll buy one of these for use in whatever HYPSM school I decide to attend.

Christian Weston Chandler : (sigh) When my monthly tugboat comes in the mail, I'll buy one of these! I have all the Salvation Army clown shirts and microwavable mac and cheese to last a lifetime, so this is a good investment. This will give me an attractive boyfriend-free woman for sure!
by DoubleDare July 02, 2010
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1. A very useless piece of shit, that is exactly like an ipod, but much larger and when used in public makes you look like a total asshole. Usually purchased on accident, and is used as a very large paper weight after about a week after purchase.

2. A feminine hygiene product. Like a tampon.
Person 1 : Dude you bought an iPad?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : On purpose?

Person 1 : Hey did you get those iPads for me?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : Thanks, I'll go use one now.
Person 2 : But your a guy...
by MindSpaz May 19, 2010
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