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Fanboys that will buy any iUseless products that Apple sells as long as Steve Jobs tells them that its the greatest thing ever invented. iFanboys are differentiated from regular consumers who sometimes like some of Apple's more useful products.
iFanboy: Holy shit I want that iPad!! Its the greatest Apple product since the iMicrowave.

His friend: Dude! Its just an oversized iPod Touch. It runs on the same OS as the iPhone and iPod Touch. It can't even multitask, watch 90% of online videos, or play browser games. It has no webcams, or can run a full Skype or messengers. Its an iFail.
by Allexander the Rapist April 09, 2010
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Someone who kisses Apples ass and buys all their products
Me: I'm going to wait in line for 2 days for the next iPhone

Friend : Dude your such a iFanboy
by Sulzberger June 15, 2014
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