A free internet messaging service intended to be competing with WhatsApp. In stark contrast to aforementioned WhatsApp, which is like a box made of glass where everyone can look into to see what you're talking about, iMessage is so secure that not even the FBI can sniff what you are talking about. Unfortunately, due to the fact that iMessage was made by Apple, it only runs on Apple devices. So while people with iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs can enjoy securely talking on iMessage, WhatsApp still remains the leading application since it runs on Android and Windows Phone as well. Heck, it even runs on Symbian.
A: Can I talk to you on iMessage?
B: Sorry, I only have this POS android on WhatsApp.
A: Yeah right. I'll see what kinds of pictures you are posting later on my 1337 MacBook Pro with Retina display through a web WhatsApp client.
by LaVievre555 July 11, 2013
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a series of games that can be played over text developed by gamepigeon. attractive girls are usually extremely bad at these games.
person 1: are you down to play imessage games
attractive girl: yes but I suck at them
by cheeseratlord February 17, 2023
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